Friday, 13 May 2011

It's detox time!

Last Saturday night the local footy team had a Ladies night.....We met at my friends (sisters) Nat and Mel's for pre dinner drinks before the evening to find a tray of red and green jelly shots....I have about hmmm...5-6! We then hit the club and were given a glass of punch on arrival....Now I cant do fizz so I was drinking Baileys Irish Cream....and they were serving me not a nip or two but a full tumbler on you can imagine...I ended up quite pissed lol.  Then a friend was having a particuarly bad night so she suggested a shot or 5 of jagermeister (my fav!) so we did that too....(rememeber I dont eat so very little but alcohol in my system)....when we walked outside the cold air really hit me and I was pretty smashed....I fell over walking home (the sideways walk) grazed my hand and back and my knees and vomited profusely (something I NEVER do from drinking) hahahaha.....I woke up the next morning WISHING I was dead....cringe factor about 100 and thought "Thats it! I need a break from drinking"

It was Mothers Day so I HAD to get up and do the luv my Mum thing and go to the cemetary and say hi to was the hardest "struggle" day I have ever had.....

So I have decided to go on a 2 week detox!

Now I know it sounds like I am a big drinker, but the truth is I have always only been what is classified as a "binge" drinker....I dont drink through the week at all but make up for it on weekends. Which, as I have read, is worse than if you drink a few glasses each day.....Dont worry Im not giving up my party weekends at all, but I do want to limit the amount of alcohol I consume as I am getting a bit older now I am already lacking in a few vitamins due to limited food intake.

I have to say...I am not struggling at all.....Luckily for me the kids are away for the weekend so I get to have some "ME" time....I went and popped in to see a few friends I haven't seen in ages after dropping of the kids last night, came home, had a bubble bath, got the house organised, cooked a feed of sweet potato fries, made myself a milkshake and sat down (in between facebook) and watched a chick flick!  I am not a romance/comedy sort of girl but this was a pretty good one "Valentines Day" with HEAPS of big name stars and some really funny quotes...What a great night...this morning I woke up just because I had finished sleeping...not because the kids were fighting over which cartoon to watch or the colour of the sky and without the dreaded head.... I think after having a shower I might hit up Salamanca Market for a look and come home and get stuck into my book!

Sounds boring?  Sounds like restful, relaxing and bliss to me.....I wont be going to Will's footy match tomorrow feeling like death and I should be refreshed and ready for a new working week.....Will let you know how it goes....Might even turn into a month detox ......BAHAHAHAHAHA...Just kidding!!

Til next time......♥


  1. Well, it doesn't sound sounds blissful !! I think you are doing the right thing having a detox...won't hurt you ya tart:) I have put you on my blogroll .... I know you wont mind. Put me on yours too ya bloody slush!! Anyhoooooo...enjoy your weekend free of the kidlets and we will catch up soon xx

  2. I would love to put you on there hun but have no idea how to!! LOL

  3. 2-3 drinks for me and I'm done! Hope you enjoy your detox time. Sounds like you are. It would be good to not have half your weekend taken up with recovery time.

  4. So much so that I have decided to make it a 3 week one...Feeling great and although I did have the headspins a bit sat night...not from drinking but lack of alcohol I imagine...I am ready to take it on another week and give my body a good rest....Got Wolfe Brothers on the 28th so definatley having a few that night :D